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Infinite Egg Theatre is a registered community interest company funded by Arts Council England and the National Lottery Awards for All.

 We make professional theatre for and with the community. We aim to connect fantastical scientific and metaphysical ideas to day to day realities. How does our psychology relate to our place within our community and the cosmos? How do the big ideas within our culture affect our lives? How and why do those ideas get so big? 

 We investigate such questions with professional artists - actors, writers, directors, poets, musicians, designers - academics - physicists, biologists, chemists, social scientists, theologians, psychologists, astronomers, mathematicians, historians - religious ,community and school groups.

Artistic Director - Tim Evans is a Theatre Director, Actor, Teacher and facilitator. He also has a BSc in Mathematics with Astronomy.

  For 20 years he has been producing, facilitating and directing theatre projects and workshops for professionals, community groups and children. Tim is a tutor and associate director at the Television Workshop, Nottingham. He co founded and is a tutor at the Actors Workshop, Nottingham training adult professional and semi professional actors. He also is a freelance tutor and director at the Nottingham Playhouse.



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